Water Purification

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The KET HC currently has (4) First Water Systems, (3) being solar powered portable systems. We also have a 3000 gallon reservoir and 3 boxes of filters.

First Water purification system produces potable water from virtually any fresh water source.  Utilizing onboard pumps or existing pressure, water is passed through multiple levels of filtration to ensure potability of water.

Request Process: If you need any items from the regional cache, your first contact is your RHC (Regional Hospital Coordinator). If you are unable to reach your RHC, contact the other representative RHC. If you are unable to reach either RHC, contact the Regional Medical Communications Center (RMCC) which is staffed 24/7.

  • East Regional Hospital Coordinator:  Wanda Roberts at (865) 202-9800
  • Knox Regional Hospital Coordinator: John Brinkley at (865) 216-6280
  • Knox/East TN VPC: Brenan Mitchell: (865) 850-2884
  • RMCC  (865) 305-8500