Lithium Batteries (for Breathe Easy)

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We have 204 currently in our regional cache.

This 3M Lithium Battery Pack is designed to consistently supply power to the 3M Breathe Easy Turbo Motor Blower Unit. This 12 hour battery has a ten year shelf life, however is not rechargeable. NIOSH approved with AP3, AEP3, FR-40, and FR-57 cartridges only. These are intended to be distributed to hospitals.

Various expiration dates. Check before using!

Request Process: If you need any items from the regional cache, your first contact is your RHC (Regional Hospital Coordinator). If you are unable to reach your RHC, contact the other representative RHC. If you are unable to reach either RHC, contact the Regional Medical Communications Center (RMCC) which is staffed 24/7.

  • East Regional Hospital Coordinator: ¬†Wanda Roberts at (865) 202-9800
  • Knox Regional Hospital Coordinator: John Brinkley at (865) 216-6280
  • RMCC ¬†(865) 305-8500