HPV Sterilization

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The KET HC currently has (1) Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporizer for use. This unit is used for automated room disinfection by using hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination technology. It is portable and has been shown to reduce HAI rates in numerous independent, published scientific studies as well as real-world deployments. Specifically, it can be used for Norovirus eradication, CRE/CPE outbreak, resistant NDM strains and ebola preparedness. It can also be used for ambulance bio-decontamination and many other applications.

*** This unit can be only be used by personnel who have successfully completed the two day training offered annually. 

Request Process: If you have trained personnel to work the equipment, your first contact is your RHC (Regional Hospital Coordinator). If you are unable to reach your RHC, contact the other representative RHC. If you are unable to reach either RHC, contact the Regional Medical Communications Center (RMCC) which is staffed 24/7.

  • East Regional Hospital Coordinator:  Wanda Roberts at (865) 202-9800
  • Knox Regional Hospital Coordinator: John Brinkley at (865) 216-6280
  • RMCC  (865) 305-8500