Bullseye – Fire Extinguisher Training System

For Training Purposes Only


Each Bullseye fire extinguisher training system may be reserved for up to one week. If additional time is needed, please consult with your RHC or VPC.

To reserve a  system please review the availability on the  Bullseye booking calendar. Read and sign linked indemnification statement, then complete request for equipment on calendar.

The loan agreement must be completed to document the terms under which the Bullseye Fire Suppression Training System, purchased with Federal ASPR funding through the Knoxville/East Tennessee Healthcare Coalition (KETHC) in 2022, may be shared between members of the Knox/ East Tennessee Healthcare Coalition or any other entity as deemed appropriate by the KETHC. The Bullseye Fire Suppression Training System is given on the acknowledgment of the facility that a qualified person with a suitably trained program will conduct the appropriate training.

Equipment can be picked up at Knoxville Star Storage - West, 8337 Gleason Dr, Knoxville, TN 37919, USA