Aqua Bags

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We have 2400 bags in the cache.

AquaBags are 1.5 gallon water containers made of thick, food grade plastic. They fold flat for easy storage, yet fill to create a sturdy container suitable for transport. A true breakthrough in cost-effective water containment, AquaBags are simple to use by anyone, even in the worst conditions.

Request Process: If you need any items from the regional cache, your first contact is your RHC (Regional Hospital Coordinator). If you are unable to reach your RHC, contact the other representative RHC. If you are unable to reach either RHC, contact the Regional Medical Communications Center (RMCC) which is staffed 24/7.

  • East Regional Hospital Coordinator:  Wanda Roberts at (865) 202-9800
  • Knox Regional Hospital Coordinator: John Brinkley at (865) 216-6280
  • RMCC  (865) 305-8500