Sub-Committees are formed annually, or as needed, to meet needs or gaps within the Coalition. Sub-committees are composed of coalition membership, volunteers, and subject matter experts within the community. These groups may change as needed based on the Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, identified gaps, or lessons learned from exercises/events. 

2022/2023 Committees


Lead: John Brinkley

  • Marcus Sheppard
  • Paul Parsons
  • Steve Bohanan
  • Tim Taylor
  • Jason Harrington
  • Jason Fox


The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) is an ASPR Health Care Readiness cooperative agreement that establishes a foundation for national health care preparedness. As the primary source of federal funding for health care system preparedness and response, HPP promotes a consistent national focus to improve patient outcomes during emergencies and disasters and enables rapid recovery.


Lead: Wanda Roberts

  • Janet Rowe
  • Marcus Sheppard
  • Paul Parsons
  • Jason Fox
  • Missy Turner
  • Christy Cooper
  • Oseana Britton


The KETHC works in conjunction with our community partners to facilitate annual exercises. These exercises are based on our regional Hazard Vulnerabilty Analysis, identified gaps, and lessons learned from events/exercises. 


In 2021, KETHC was fortunate to receive a long term Vulnerable Populations Coordinator position. Brenan Mitchell currently fills that role and works directly with our CMS17 partners.