On May 12, 2017, the KET HC sponsored an exercise fundamentals workshop which introduced the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, also known as “HSEEP” to attendees. The workshop was well- received with over 50  participants, representing over 35 agencies. This workshop was geared towards long term care facilities facing new CMS exercise requirements. It has been offered as a precursor to the upcoming full scale exercise the KET HC will be facilitating for LTC facilities this fall.  “HSEEP”  is the Federal standard for designing and conducting exercises. The Workshop consisted of the following components:           

  • The Healthcare Coalition’s role in supporting emergency preparedness activities for its members, and how LTC facilities fit into that role.
  • Introduction to HSEEP, including an overview of each of the six major types of exercises, their purposes and differences, and how each is planned and conducted. There was a special emphasis on Tabletop and Full Scale Exercises since these are of most immediate concern for LTC facilities.
  • Presentation and review of a customized HSEEP Tabletop Exercise template and instruction document that will assist LTC facilities with designing and conducting internal Tabletop exercises.

At the conclusion of the Workshop, participants had some level of instruction in the characteristics and planning considerations for each type of exercise, and specific instruction in the planning and conduct of the two types of exercises in which they will participate during the 2017 calendar year. Each participant recieved hard copies of the template and instructions.

The class was facilitated by Nick Gatlin with Gatlin Consulting, LLC. (gatlinconsultingllc@comcast.net)

The KET HC will continue to support the healthcare community by offering pertinent trainings and workshops. For more information, please visit our website at Ketcoalition.org