On May 10, 2017, the KET HC hosted an Environmental Hygiene Cleaning and Disinfection training at Bearden Banquet Hall. This training was open to all Coalition members, hospital employees, long term care and any other applicable healthcare personnel. There were 47 participants in the eight hour training. This training was geared towards environmental services, housekeeping, and infection prevention personnel. The purpose of the course was to provide comprehensive training to empower staff to conduct proper cleaning and disinfection practices and to gain a clear understanding of the critical role they play in infection prevention. Focused on infection prevention, the training highlighted the protection of the workers, patients, and environment, in accordance with best practices, regulatory requirements, and industry guidance standards.

Training involved hands-on exercises that demonstrated allowances for a broad understanding in performance of duties. Resource material was distributed to each student for future reference. Participants were given a course test at the end of the training and successful examinees received a certificate of achievement upon passing.

The class was facilitated by Shari Soloman, President of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC.

The KET HC will continue to support the healthcare community by offering pertinent trainings and workshops. For more information, please visit our website at Ketcoalition.org