On March 8, our partnering CMS17 facilities had their quarterly meeting, hosted by the Knoxville/East Tennessee Healthcare Coalition and the Knox County Health Department.  These groups meet to discuss relevant news, regulatory updates, exercise and planning needs, and participate in training.

The KET HC CMS17 represents four facility type groups:

  • Group 1: Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing
  • Group 2: Home Health, Hospice
  • Group 3: Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Ouptatient Services
  • Group 4: Dialysis


At this meeting, Tim Taylor, gave an overview of the Regional Medical Communication Center as part of community healthcare training for the Knoxville/East Tennessee Healthcare Coalition. Tim serves as the Communications Supervisor at Medlink II, Lifestar, Regional Medical Communication Center. This 4 part training reached 130 participants representing facilities in long term care, home health/hospice, dialysis and outpatient surgery centers from Knoxville as well as East Tennessee. The Regional Medical Communications Center is an information/resource hub that provides every day and emergency coordination. The RMCC is staffed 24/7 days a week. They have extensive contacts for assisting during an emergency event. If any of our healthcare community partners are in a situation that may exhaust their resources, after following internal emergency protocols, (calling 911), the next call should be to the RMCC. For more information, you can visit their website at: https://www.utmedicalcenter.org/services-practices/ut-lifestar/about/.