October 19-November 08 Full Scale Regional Exercise

Required For Documented Participation:
  • By October 15th: Complete Exercise Registration Form: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • October 19th: Complete Exercise Acknowledgement Form: To Be Posted Soon
  • November 8th: Exercise Day
    • Complete Facility Assessment Form: To Be Posted Soon
    • Call Sim Cell between 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM Please do not call outside this date or time. (If busy, call either number).
                  Knox Facilities call: (865) 549-5323           Regional Facilities call: (865) 549-5343
  • By November 16th: Complete Post Exercise Assessment Form: To Be Posted Soon


October 15-November 7 Exercise Documents

Exercise Breaking News Video 1 (October 15th) Exercise News Brief 101518

Public Health Exercise News Advisory 1 (October 15th) Exercise News Advisory 1 (101518)


November 8 Exercise Documents

Exercise Evaluation Guides: 



All: Participant Feedback Forms

All: Hotwash (Immediately Following Exercise)

Post Exercise Documents/Information









Past Exercise Information