RMCC (Regional Medical Communication’s Center)

Tennessee’s system of eight Regional Medical Communication Centers provides a unique and effective means for communications for our ambulance services and hospitals. The primary purpose of the RMCCs is to assist ambulance services and hospitals to get patients to the right hospital in a timely manner. Your Regional Hospital Coordinators typically deploy to and work out of the RMCC during events.

Our region’s RMCC, MedLink 2, is located with LifeStar at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

MedLink 2 (RMCC) can be reached 24/7 at 865-305-8500.


RHCs (Regional Hospital Coordinators)

RHCs serve as points of contact for hospitals and healthcare organizations needing assistance during emergency situations and disasters. Their primary duties are to assist with information sharing and resource coordination.

Wanda Roberts is the Regional Hospital Coordinator for the East Region, serving all of the counties surrounding Knox County.

Charity Menefee is the Regional Hospital Coordinator for Knox County.

The best method for contacting the RHCs during an event is to first contact the RMCC. They will then contact your assigned RHC or designee.


TEMARR (Tennessee Emergency Medical, Awareness, Response, and Resource Portal)

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) maintains multiple emergency management and response systems supporting its capability to respond to public health or medical emergencies affecting the state. The systems currently in use that can be accessed include the Healthcare Resource Tracking System (HRTS), the Tennessee Health Alert Network (TNHAN), the Tennessee Countermeasure Response Network (TNCRN) which includes the Patient Tracking System, and the Tennessee MEDMAP.

Regional Supply Cache

Coalition owned and coalition accessible supplies, along with directions for requesting the resources are listed.

Facility Status Update Form

This form is intended to be completed by all member organizations as soon as possible following a disaster situation to determine the impact of the event.

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