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On April 24, 2020, approximately 8:45 a.m, several explosions occur in highly populated areas of Sevier county, causing high numbers of casualties and fatalities. The surge of patients into the local hospital, LeConte Medical Center, quickly exceeds the hospitals resources and measures are taken regionally to disperse patients so that each hospital receives a surge of patients. Resources are diverted to Sevier county to help with patient movement, communications and supplies. Terroristic activity is suspected.

An hour later, an identified terrorist group executes their primary plan, with carefully coordinated cyber strikes to multiple power stations, hacking the operational technology systems within the infrastructure. The strategic attacks quickly overload the damaged power grid, causing a cascade of secondary outages across our region. Not only does this leave several hospitals in our area without power, but other health care facilities (including long term care, home health/hospice, dialysis, and ancillary clinics) as well. Many regional resources are still located in Sevier County.

Simulated hours/days later, power has still not been restored and after depleting resources, Methodist Medical Center, Turkey Creek Medical Center, and Fort Loudon Medical Center are forced to evacuate. Considerations for hospital evacuation, as well as affected CMS facilities will need to be taken into account.

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